Dieselman Group

Where Expertise, Innovation, and Reliability Converge for Maritime Excellence

In response to the escalating demands of the marine industry, Dieselman Marine Service emerged in July 2017 as a beacon of top-tier technical services for Marine Diesel Engines. Our foundational mission was clear: assemble an exceptional team dedicated to providing unparalleled solutions to global shipping companies at competitive prices, thus bridging crucial market gaps.

Exceptional Beginnings

Our journey began with a monumental feat, the meticulous reconstruction of a two-stroke engine salvaged from a vessel lost during the 2011 Japan Tsunami. Executed in Shanghai, this meticulous repair process revitalized every component, transforming the vessel into a masterpiece within a mere five months. This triumph served as the cornerstone upon which Dieselman's future brilliance was built.

Responding to Market Needs in Marine Diesel Service

Pioneering groundbreaking services, Dieselman Marine Service introduced workshop solutions for FIVAs and HPS Pumps, and pioneering approaches tailored to modern electronic-hydraulic controlled two-stroke engines. This innovation, a market first, swiftly became the industry's most sought-after service, propelling our reputation and accelerating our rapid growth. This success affirmed Dieselman Marine Service's status as an industry trailblazer.

In 2019, we introduced cutting-edge in-situ machining technology, a series of advanced inventions that significantly broadened our marine engine repair services. Seamlessly integrated into our offerings, these innovative technologies ensured unmatched quality and efficiency, reinforcing our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier solutions to our esteemed clients. At Dieselman, innovation is the cornerstone of our service, and we continually strive to provide the best solutions to meet the evolving needs of the maritime industry.

4D MarineTech for Marine Decarbonization Retrofit

Adapting to market demands, we delved into BWTS retrofit engineering in late 2017, swiftly earning an outstanding reputation. Anticipating the industry's shift toward marine decarbonization in 2022, our green team pioneered eco-friendly solutions. This innovative approach led to the establishment of 4D MarineTech in early 2023, a specialized entity providing cutting-edge solutions and engineering expertise in Marine decarbonization.

Expansion and Global Presence

Expanding our horizons, Dieselman Marine Service established its first overseas branch in Busan, Korea, in March 2020, offering crucial support during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Building on this success, Dieselman Marine Service Singapore was inaugurated in September 2023, of a small but well-equipped workshop and led by seasoned professionals. This expansion ensures the same level of quality and expertise as our main offices in China and Korea.

Presently, Dieselman Group encompasses subsidiaries in Shanghai, Korea, and Singapore, alongside our innovative arm, 4D MarineTech in Shanghai. Together, we navigate the complexities of the maritime world, delivering exceptional solutions and setting new standards of excellence.

Imitated but Never Surpassed

Dieselman's growth, marked by a reputation for excellence, was not without challenges. Imitators emerged, attempting to replicate our success. Despite this, Dieselman remained unparalleled, an enduring testament to our uniqueness and excellence in the industry.

Dieselman Group: Where Expertise, Innovation, and Reliability Converge for Maritime Excellence

Mile Stone

Jul 2017     Dieselman established in Shanghai, a small office, a few experts, EX MAN.   

Aug 2017   Started our very first job, to rebuild a two-stroke engine of total lost vessel, took 5 months, sea trial was in 110% load as a new building.

Dec 2017    Started to overhaul FIVA and HPS Pump in hydraulic workshop in Shanghai.

Feb 2018     Delivered first BWTS retrofit of turn-key solution.

May 2018    Established strategic partnership with Nemoy, started 3D Scanning for 2-st Liners.

Oct 2018     Move to a new premise of 300m² office + 800m² workshop

Dec 2019    First project of EGC retrofit engineer for a Capsize Bulk Carrier.

Mar 2020    Set up Dieselman Marine Service Busan, in Korea

Oct 2020     Move to a new premise of 900m² office + 900m² workshop

May 2023    Set up Dieselman Marine Service Singapore

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