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Dieselman Marine Service is a privately owned marine service provider; specializes in providing professional and high-class Technical Services on Marine Diesel Engine, and engineering for Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) Retrofit and Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (EGCS) retrofit.

With decent quality, high efficiency, state of the art knowledge and expertise, and a 24/7 service, Dieselman has earned an outstanding reputation among shipping companies across the world since it was founded in June 2017.

Our Technical team possesses lifelong experience in the marine market, averaging 6-7 years work experience as of Makers. They are well trained not only in technology, know-how and workmanship, but also the mindset, attitude, and professional ethics.

Our management team is good at strategic and innovative thinking; believes in cooperation and mutual benefits; prefers motivation and leadership to rigorous and cold control; follows the principle of openness, fairness, impartiality; attaches great importance to environmental protection and societal responsibility; and pursues unique and outstanding.

We keep learning, learning and learning.
We aim to be better, better and better.

We are always ready to be of assistance.

Our Core Team

Logan Pan


Yanbo Zhang



Hongliang Li



Slater Chen



Ben Gu



Yuzhe Tang



Mike Zhao



Our core competitiveness
  • Slim, efficient, and reliable self-improving management system

  • Highly motivated employees

  • Fair and transparent business transaction

  • Customer oriented

  • Nimble, Fast, Reliable,Proactive,Dedicated,Innovative

  • keep learning, keep improving

Our vision
  • To be the preferred service partner for customers around the world
  • Being the benchmark of the marine service industry

  • The happiest employees

  • The happiest customers

  • Environment-friendly

  • Taking social responsibility

Our business philosophy
  • To become a good Engineer, you ought to have a functioning engine in your heart

  • To become a good leader, you need to have your people at heart

  • To become a good service partner, we shall always have our customers in our heart

  • Standing in the shoes of others

  • Making friends after business

  • Work smart, not just hard

  • Having fun while working hard