2-Stroke Engine
ME docking
Turn Key BWTS
Recovery of a 2-Stroke Engine
Engine: 6S42MC-C
Date: August. 2017 – May. 2018
Place: Shipyard in China


The vessel had been sunk during the Japanese tsunami that took place in 2011 in a Japanese new building Shipyard just before delivery. It had been kept on the seabed for several years and had been brought to a Shipyard in China for recovery.

Dieselman Marine Service was engaged to be solely responsible for recovering the 2-Stroke Main Engine.

Crankshaft Journal, all the Bearings, Crossheads, Chain Drive, Cam/Camshaft, Exhaust and Fuel Parts, Pneumatic System, Alignment, Timing, Top Bracing...all most everything, just likes building a new Engine from scratch.

First starting, test run, and sea trial were all extremely smooth and successful.

All under requirement same as of new building.

Repair of 3 sets of GenSet
Engine type: 3 x 5L16/24
Date: Dec. 2017
Place: Anchorage in Thailand
Two Gensets had been found broken down, and only one Genset could be operated with a limited load. The vessel was unable to operate cargo. 

One Engineer and one Technician from Dieselman Shanghai attended the vessel in an anchorage in Thailand, within 24 hours after the first phone call from the owner.

With assistance from the ship's crew, all the 3 GenSets were fully recovered in 10 days,
-All cylinder units completely overhauled.
-Charge air coolers overhauled-Turbochargers overhauled
-Water pumps overhauled
-One crankshaft of one Genset renewed
ME Docking
Engine type: S60ME-C
Date: Feb. 2018  
Place: Shipyard in China
Below jobs of the ME Engine were successfully carried out during docking, partly on board, and partly in the workshop,

-Cylinder Lubricator overhauled on board
-Fuel Booster and Exhaust Valve Actuator overhauled on board
-Accumulators overhauled and recharged with a Special Nitrogen Booster Pump.
-HPS pumps and FIVA valves overhauled in the workshop and calibrated with the Special Testing Bench.
-Pneumatic System overhauled on board,
-Mop, Sensors, Control Units, Cabling were checked.

Turn Key Solution of BWTS retrofit
BWTS: Alfa Laval
Date: 3D scanning in Sep 2017 - installation in Feb. 2018 

Place: Shipyard in China

An extremely successful BWTS retrofit project, everything from 3D scanning to installation was solely handled by Dieselman. The case was just before Chinese New Year, and there was only one week time for the installation on board,
-3D scanning,  
-Pipe and foundation pre-fabrication,  
-Supply of cables, valves, and all other necessary materials,
-Installation on board.