2-Stroke MC/ME engines
4-Stroke engines

2-Stroke MC/ME engines

-Maneuvering Pneumatic System overhaul
-General overhaul of Piston, Fuel pump, Exhaust Valve, Axial Vibration Damper etc.
-Cylinder Liner calibration without remove the Cylinder Cover
-Cylinder Liner honing on board or in workshop
-Bearings, Crankshaft and Camshaft inspection, polishing or replacement
-Chain Drives inspection and Chain retightening
-General/health and pre-docking inspection
-Cylinder Cover Studs repair or new Studs fabrication
-AlphaLub System overhaul, upgrade and retrofit  
ME Engine routine maintenance, Fuel Booster, and Exhaust Actuator overhaul on board, Accumulator overhaul, and recharge using Nitrogen Booster Pump
-FIVA valve and Hydraulic Pump overhaul and calibration in workshop
-Docking supervision for all kinds
-Performance evaluation and adjustment
-Components recondition
-Remote technical support/consultant

4-Stroke engines

-Engine routine maintenance and major overhaul

-Crankshaft repair, crankshaft/camshaft replacement


-Performance evaluation and adjustment
-Riding service
-Common Rail overhaul
-Cylinder Head (includes Valve/Seat machining) overhaul in workshop
-Piston (include Conrod bushes renewal) overhaul in the workshop


-General inspection in port or shipyard
-Major overhaul (24000RHs of 2-St Eng. 12000Rhs of 4-St Eng.)
-Cut out, temporary or permanent
-All kind of trouble shooting General inspection