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Dieselman Marine Service - Where Expertise Meets Reliability, and Excellence Is Our Standard

Dieselman stands as a team of dedicated professionals immersed in the world of diesel technology. With a passion for innovation, precision, and reliability, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what diesel technology can achieve. Our expertise and unwavering dedication make us a trusted partner in the ever-evolving world of diesel technology.

Deep Technical Knowledge and Experience: With years of expertise, we bring a wealth of technical know-how to every project, ensuring comprehensive solutions that stand the test of time.

Distinct Management: Dieselman Marine Service stands apart with its sophisticated management team supported by an intelligent management system. Our leaders, industry experts in their own right, guide our dedicated professionals with strategic vision and unwavering commitment. This synergy of expertise is enhanced by cutting-edge technology, ensuring seamless operations, optimal efficiency, and exceptional service delivery. At Dieselman Marine Service, we harmonize human expertise with advanced technology, setting the highest standard in the marine industry and guaranteeing our clients an unmatched level of service.

Standardized Procedures: Our methodologies are built on standardized procedures, ensuring consistency and reliability in every service we provide.

Continuous Training Learning and Improvement: At Dieselman Marine Service, we believe in the power of ongoing education and development. We are dedicated to continuous training, fostering a culture of learning, and striving for constant improvement. Our team is committed to staying at the forefront of diesel technology advancements, ensuring that we provide our clients with the most innovative and reliable solutions in the industry.

High Efficiency: Our streamlined processes and expert teams guarantee swift and efficient service, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

24/7 Remote Technical Support for Free: With Dieselman Marine Service, you are fully supported round-the-clock by our large expert team with deep knowledge and wide experiences in all kinds of issues related to your engines. We are your extension, your most reliable partner in achieving operational excellence.

Aiming for Long-term Partnerships, Beyond Immediate Interests: At Dieselman Marine Service, we prioritize building enduring relationships over immediate gains. Our focus is on nurturing long-term partnerships based on trust, reliability, and mutual respect. We understand the value of sustained collaboration, and we are committed to fostering relationships that stand the test of time, ensuring the success of our clients in the long run.

At Dieselman Marine Service, we don't just meet industry standards; we set them. Partner with us for a future where innovation meets reliability, and operational excellence knows no bounds.

Three locations covers majority of Asia
-Dieselman Marine Service - Shanghai: mainland China and Hongkong, as headquarters support other hubs on management, technical and training issues
-Dieselman Marine Service - Busan: Korea, Japan and Taiwan
-Dieselman Marine Service - Singapore: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand

Four most experienced Service Managers
Are collaboratively taking care of worldwide shipping customers on daily technical services.
-Shanghai Office: service@dieselman.cn, Mr. Slater CHEN (slater.chen@dieselman.cn), Mr. JianLin WANG (jianlin.wang@dieselman.cn)
-Busan Office: service@dieselman.kr, Mr. ChilKyu KWON (ck.kown@dieselman.kr)
-Singapore Office: service@dieselmansg.com, Mr. Jun LI (jun.li@dieselmansg.com)

Most experienced technical team
-20 Service Engineers, most of them were ex engine makers, of an average 15 years experience in Marine Diesel Engines
-25 Technicians and Fitters specialized in machining, welding and engine maintenance

Two-Stroke Engine

All kinds of technical services:

  • Routing maintenance, major overhaul and sea trial

  • Performance evaluation and troubleshooting

  • Upgrade, Retrofit and Large repair

  • Consultancy and special solutions to improve performance and recover engine

  • Health and pre-docking inspection, docking solution and docking service

  • Hydraulic Workshop with all Testing Benchs for FIVA, HPS Pump and ICU

  • EPL or ShaPoLi

Spare part supply:

  • Pneumatic system and AlphLub

  • ME hydraulic and electronic parts

  • Other mechanical parts

All types of Two-Stroke Engines: MAN MC/ME/GI, Win GD, Wartsila, UEC

Cylinder Liner 3D Scanning

The most advanced tools for two-stroke Cylinder Liner calibration

Use 3D scanning technology, measure 10K points, visualize a digital hologram 3D image

Access through sport, without remove the cylinder cover

Much faster than the existing traditional tools in the world, able to measure a 12 cylinders engine in less than 8 hours port stay

High accuracy, will not miss a tiny scratch

The most intelligent analysis system and big data classified the most typical wear models of specific engine types and running conditions

Tell not only the Max wear and ovality, but also all of the irregularities in all dimensions

Conclude the reason of abnormal wear recommend countermeasures

Four-Stroke Engine

Technical Service and Spare Part

  • Routing maintenance and major overhaul

  • Performance evaluation and troubleshooting

  • Upgrade, Retrofit and Rebuild

  • Workshop overhaul for Cylinder Units, Fuel Parts and Pumps

  • Spare part supply, recondition and exchange parts

All types of Four-Strok Engins

  • MAN 16/24 - 58/64, Common Rail, Dual Fuel, PA, PC

  • Himsen, Yanmar, Daihatsu, Mak, KRG, Wartsila

In Port, Shipyard, Offshore, Power Plant or Riding team

In Situ Machining and Special Repairs

  • Crankshaft journal polishing, grinding/machining

  • Line boring

  • Cylinder Cover Studs repair

  • Cam polishing

  • Cam, Camshaft, Chain, Chain Wheel and Crankshaft replace

  • Engine Frame welding repair

  • Engine alignment and Bearing loading test

  • Earthing Device check, repair, install

  • Top Bracing overhaul, align, repair, install

  • Liner honing


  • Recondition Engine Components as per Maker's Specifications

  • Piston Crow (two-stroke and four-stroke)

  • Exhaust Valve Spindle/Seat

  • Cylinder Cover

  • Piston Rod

  • MC Fuel Pump Housing rebushing

  • Thick Shell Bearing remelting

  • Turbocharger Rotor and Blade laser welding


MAN Turbocharger NA NR TCA TCR

  • General inspection and troubleshooting

  • Major overhaul (24000 running hours of two-stroke engine, 12000   of four-stroke engine)

  • Rotor balancing

  • Turbocharger cutout, temporary or permanent

  • Reblade

  • Shaft and blade recondition

  • Spare part supply

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